Because every "first" matters!

First step, first smile, first tooth, first marmelade, first word... All this instants gathered together are life, don't let them disappear<./p>

"If only I had such an app at my time, that would have been wonderful"

  • Nicole B, my mum.
TinyHappy | Conservez tous vos souvenirs
TinyHappy | journal de bord

A diary of your kids, always in your pocket.

Few features, but essentials features: create a quote or milestones, create a family membre, everytime, everywhere.

"I really love rediscovering quotes of my daughters sometimes"

  • Florie R, a mum loving her children.

A private and secure access for your relatives

Give a dedicated access to your family and allow them to participate to your diary. Your grand mother will be soooo happy!

TinyHappy | accès sécurisé

A simple and intuitive interface

Tinyhappy is optimised to be used quickly and easily.
Don't waste time on your phone, go play with the children!


No limits

Quotes, milestones, membres, create as many as you want!

Straight to the essential

Nothing mandatory, you're the owner of everything (first name or surname are enough)

Rediscover your memories

Only few seconds to watch your family history.

Make your family enjoy

Give an access to your diary to your relatives easily.